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What's hanging in my closet and what I'd love to have hanging in my closet. Along with the shoes, bags and other accessories to go with them.
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My #miraclemani from @sally_hansen for #manimonday in #cremedelacreme. I hope it lasts! #DayOne

Quote of the Day #sign #library

So glad my BTFF @cariblogs sent this to me. Sitting at the courthouse waiting to do my civic duty. #juryduty #isaidduty #ManorofSecrets


On the streets in Paris

Love this dress. @cariblogs those shoes are for you!


A new law says it’s OK to break into a car… for this reason

(Photo: Shutterstock / CroMary)

In a summer punctuated by horrifying incidents of children dying in hot cars, one state will now allow bystanders to break into a car if they see a kid inside who they believe is in danger.

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What the deuce @Google docs! Big #fail. I’m glad I had just started this document since it completely shutdown on me after I hit “Revert”.

Last day for some #beachtime. #WhiteCapBeach (at North Padre Island Beach)

We have our flag, let’s hit the water! #beachtime #WhiteCapBeach (at North Padre Island Beach)

#Rain, rain, rain on our #roadtrip! #txwx #281